Emergency Medicine PHARMacotherapy Research NETwork

The goal of the EMPHARM-NET is to foster and conduct high quality, transformative, multidisciplinary research pertaining to pharmacotherapy in the emergently ill population across the United States.

Emergency Medicine Pharmacists (EMPs) serve as an essential part of the EM healthcare team and are trained to be well-versed pharmacotherapy experts in a wide variety of critical diseases states, age groups, and complex patient populations.  The primary goal of this network is to create a geographically diverse national Emergency Department (ED)-based network of EM pharmacists in collaboration with EM physicians to conduct clinical research evaluating patients presenting to the ED with various disease states. 

Recent Wins


Manuscript Accepted

EDucated: The emergency medicine pharmacotherapy literature of 2023

American Journal of Health-System Pharmacy (AJHP)

Manuscript Accepted

A National Survey of Medication Utilization for Cardiac Resuscitation in the Emergency Department: A Survey of Emergency Medicine Pharmacists

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